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The Chronic Disease Advisory Group, in partnership with the Indiana Public Health Association (IPHA) and the Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH), have developed a multi-year, statewide plan to strengthen prevention, treatment and management of chronic disease in Indiana. The plan is a priority-driven guide to prevent and reduce chronic disease in Indiana and lead to useful policy development and innovative practice.

The Chronic Disease Plan is guided by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Culture of Health and framed using the Centers for Disease Control Four Domains of Chronic Disease Prevention. A culture of health is a concept where we construct a society that represents the diversities in all aspects of our lives and enables future generations to lead healthier lives.

Domain 1: Epidemiology and Surveillance

Epidemiology and surveillance provide data that allow for the tracking of risk factors and chronic disease.

Domain 2: Environmental Approaches

Environmental approaches aim to acknowledge the impact of our environments – our communities, neighborhoods, schools, workplaces – on our health.

Domain 3: Healthcare System Interventions

Improving the use and quality of preventive and clinical services helps combat the spread of chronic disease, as they allow for the early detection of disease and reduction in risk factors.

Domain 4: Community Programs - Clinical Services

Linking successful community programs and clinical services increases access to services and the ability for people to prevent and manage disease.

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